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Melissa Barlock

Melissa Barlock

Connecting Great Talent One Smile at a Time!

Biographical Info

Melissa is a visionary and entrepreneur with a strong flair for execution. She has a vast and diverse background in recruitment, leadership, management, sales, marketing, coaching and consulting, team building, culture development, public speaking, training and development. 

Melissa has over fifteen years of training (experience) in recruitment, product presentations, presentation skills, relationship marketing, leadership, organizational culture development, rapport building, communication styles, networking, sales and sales management. 

Melissa has the unique ability to approach any challenge or situation and automatically see it as a potential for an opportunity for growth. Her passion is helping others to find their true power within and unleash it to live their best possible life. Her professionalism and charisma is mixed with an authentic kindness that gives her the ability to truly connect with people on an individual basis. 

She has worked in the dental, medical, health and wellness, food services and hospitality, steel and business services industries. 

What Services Melissa Barlock Offers?

Enspire Dental Opportunities™ is a full-service Dental Associate, Dental Hygienist, Dental Assistant and Dental Professional recruitment and placement company. We assist Dental Practice Owners and Administrators to fill critical positions with superior talent and the best Dental Professional for their practice. We also identify ideal opportunities for Dental Professionals to either begin or further their careers.

Melissa Barlock’s Ideal Clients.

Dental Professionals
Dental Operations Managers
Dental Office Managers
Dental Hygienists
Dental Assistants
Dental Receptionists
Dental Administrators
Dental Sales Reps

Profession Dental Talent Aquisition



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