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Carole Parsons

Carole Parsons

Helping entrepreneurs love their video.

Biographical Info

Carole Parsons: Online Video Strategist and Coach

Are you using video to grow your business yet?

After 11 years of producing clients' social media videos, I now help business leaders:

  • Learn how to create social media content their community wants to hear and answer the questions they are asking.
  • Master how to create their best YouTube video By sharing tips on scripting, shooting, and appearance.
  • Discover how to optimize your YouTube channel so that you can get your videos seen by your ideal clients.

How do I do this?

  • YouTube Audits
  • YouTube Channel Optimization
  • One on One on-camera Coaching
  • Social Media Content Plans

If you know someone that wants to start growing their business online using video but doesn’t know where to start. I would love a warm introduction via e-mail. I can help make your video valuable and your filming fabulous.

What Services Carole Parsons Offers?
  • YouTube Channel Audits
  • YouTube Optimization Packages
  • Video editing
  • Video coaching, editing, and uploading packages

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Carole Parsons’s Ideal Clients.

Ideal Client Profile

I’d like you to meet Tom.

Before going fully virtual, Tom, a 10 yr solopreneur, traveled far and wide delivering workshops and educating to groups of people who loved his presentations.  His reputation was mostly word of mouth and he relied on the workshops to network and gain notoriety.

After finding himself unable to travel, Tom knew he had to switch it up. In order to market himself to a virtual audience, he had to take his marketing efforts online and gain attention as the ‘expert’ by using video to spark the “know, like and trust” factor.

Tom was seriously overwhelmed!

  • He hated how he looked and sounded on camera.
  • He struggles to remain consistent in filming
  • He hated how long it took to edit even a single video when he’d make mistakes.
  • And, he wondered where he should put the videos after they were made.
  • After a while, Tom stopped making videos and lost out on the opportunity to reach 1000’s of ideal clients. 

In the back of his mind, Tom knew he needed online video (the stats were all there) but he was worried that it wasn’t affordable and there was no one that he could trust to help.

Tom and I met online and we connected instantly!

We brainstormed topics and how to structure his video talks so that people will watch them.

Now I meet with him online, once a week on a Zoom video chat.  He films his videos all on his cell phone while I direct and then uploads them to Google drive.  

After I edit the videos, I upload them to YouTube (with a title he provides and a thumbnail) they are scheduled to release when it’s best for Tom.

Tom loves how his video is consistent, professional, and works great with his other social media marketing strategy.  After 6 months Tom is starting to see the benefit of having consistent social proof in the virtual world.

Profession Video Production & Social Media Video Coach



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