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Angela Kafadar

Angela Kafadar

Helping Experts Build Online Courses and Membership Sites

Biographical Info

Angela has a background in creating content for entrepreneurs to get more exposure online.

What Services Angela Kafadar Offers?
We build, host and manage memberships sites and online courses for entrepreneurs and professionals.  
What makes us different is that we build it in a way for you to own and control all of your own content, there is just 1 low monthly fee, 
We do not take a percentage of sales like other online course platforms.
Angela Kafadar’s Ideal Clients.

What is your expertise?  My ideal clients are professional entrepreneurs, coaches, trainers and consultants who have little to no time to create their online course content for E-Learning Programs and want the ease of creating and selling what they know in an online course and getting paid.  You have so much knowledge to share, we help you monetize this knowledge and create a pillar of passive income OR use your expertise to create a free course that builds your client list for your product or service based business.

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