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Linda Walters

Linda Walters

Changing relationships one card and gift at a time

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When you can deepen relationships in your life everything changes. I have been changed forever by using this tool the last 6yrs of my life. Both personal and business has been impacted once you learn what this system can do for you. It brings me such joy to show others how to go from the head to the heart by sending out who you are as a person and a business owner. The results are incredible and a game changer so let me show you how!!! 

What Services Linda Walters Offers?

Relationship Marketing - by increasing my own business by 71% in one year and now 6yrs later, I am happy to help others increase their business the same way through appreciation and kindness! That is what clients want! To feel valued and appreciated, not just at the time of the sale but especially afterwards. Consistently staying intouch and following up with them builds trust and that trust does and will lead to referrals. 

Linda Walters’s Ideal Clients.

My clients are truly authentic and appreciate working with their clients. They care about them, their business and their personal lives as well. They are looking to deepen relationships to a new level so they have repeat clients, retention and most of all want to brand themselves professionally with the touch of excellence in order to always be remember now matter what is going on in the market or in the world. People won't remember what you said but they do remember how you made them feel right?

Profession Relationship Marketing



Linda Walters

A Sales Professional Communicates With Honesty, Transparency And Integrity, Are You?

“Secrecy breeds suspicion. Transparency breeds trust” Pastor Craig Groeschel Transparency reveals your character. Transparency is all about intentionally sharing your soul to the world by showing your true self to others. Being transparent is powerful. It’s hard to be transparent if you’re not transparent with yourself. “The privilege of a lifetime is to become who […]

Linda Walters

The Power of I Am

Throughout life you’ve been through a conditioning process that’s created a mind-set overflowing with I am nots. As a schoolchild with a less than satisfactory grade on your report card, you thought to yourself, I am not smart. You place anywhere other than number one and say, I am not talented. You feel criticized and believe that I am not […]