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Chris Rauth

Chris Rauth

Reliable and Economical Courier Solutions

Biographical Info

Hi my name is Chris Rauth and I am with a company called dlvrd.

What Services Chris Rauth Offers?

We are a official reseller of all major courier brands. I can save you money on your overnight and standard courier costs no matter who you are using. Through my buying power I can get you the courier rates with a major carrier at a greater discount than you are getting right now. Our discounts are never lowered because of drop in volume, there are no contracts, sign up fees, monthly fees you can use it when you want and how you want.

Chris Rauth’s Ideal Clients.

My ideal client would be anyone using a major courier ie Purolator, FedEx DHL....... that is spending $100 to $15000 a year on courier. I can significantly lower your courier costs. Lawyers, accountants, distributors and just about any business that uses a courier are my ideal clients.

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