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How to Live Happy in 5 Easy Steps

Happiness is truly within my, your and that poor schmuck down the road’s reach. Discover how to live happy in 5 easy steps. Begin living your bliss today! Source: How to Live Happy in 5 Easy Steps | Ouroboros Wellness | Guelph, ON

Why Wall Art Matters Most In Interior Design

Too often in interior design, we see wall art treated as an afterthought. It’s what gets dealt with last, long after the final coat of paint has dried on the walls and all of the furniture has been artfully arranged, if it gets dealt with at all. Read more:...

Art Heals the Mind, Body, and Heart

There’s so much to love about art. “Art is life, and life is art,” some say. It encompasses everything from drawing to painting, dancing to writing, music to theater – and more. It caters to our sense of pleasure and being alive. Another perk of art? Engaging in it...