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Series ~ Take Response-Ability and Take Back Control of Your Life!


It took me 10 years and four bookkeepers to learn this lesson. I’ve discovered that the more response-able I AM in my own life, then the more response-able I am to RUN my life. So I’m going to give you an example of how this has evolved for me.


When I first started running my own business, I bought into the fact that if you’re not really good at doing something, then ask for help and hire people to do what you’re not great at. That frees up your time and energy to do what you are good at. Now, I believe there are limitations to this concept.

Back then, I hired a bookkeeper and I expected her do and fix everything.  I just dumped all my receipts on her. I gave her everything and said, “go do it, that’s what I’m paying you for. I don’t want to have to think about it. I don’t want to worry about it.  Just go do!” It’s interesting because without giving her enough information, she wasn’t able to file things properly. She wasn’t able to create the right accounts. Two years go by. I get audited. CRA comes after me. I own money, not so good. So what do I do? I fired her and I hired another bookkeeper and I went through the same process all over again. I thought, “What’s wrong with these bookkeepers? Nobody’s doing a good job. What’s wrong with them? “

I went through four bookkeepers in ten years and got audited three times! Yikes!  This meant that what was wrong was ME!  I was the common denominator amongst all of this experience. So in order to save myself another 10 years, I discovered the most important piece of that whole transaction, of working with other people, is do your due diligence and become aware of all the tasks involved in that job. You might not need to do it perfectly, AND you need to understand how to do it. So I went ahead learned how to do it myself. I learned Quickbooks. I took a course. I hired a new bookkeeper and this time around I asked them to help me understand.  That bookkeeper actually taught me how to create systems and how to get things automated and make it as easy as possible to stay on task weekly.  Now I am able to analyze the numbers and understand the effect that has on the growth of my business! Every communication with my bookkeeper is a learning experience.  It is important to me to learn how to do their job so that I can respect the tasks involved. The more I respect the tasks involved, then I understand whether I’m paying the right amount of money for that service. I understand what needs to get done. I understand all of the hard costs involved.

So, what if we take this example and apply it to life in general, apply to all of your business. So what if we apply it to social media? I’m not an expert in social media, and yet I can’t just pass off my posts to have somebody else do it without fully engaging and understanding what is necessary to make those posts worthwhile. I can’t expect somebody to just read my mind and then get upset with them because they can’t read my mind!  My knowledge and experiences will not just magically show through in my posts, when written by someone else. 

So if we can take response-ability to do our due diligence in all the tasks at hand, and at least understand and respect it, then we will see positive results because we will be more competent AND CONFIDENT in the decisions we’re making.

Now I can apply that to all areas of my life, the decisions I make on my new home and getting it renovated or fixed up, or understanding plumbing and electricity and how that all works. Unless I understand it and respect it, then I can’t expect someone else to come in and fix it. No one can fix my life for me. I need to take full responsibility for that. Do my due diligence. Do my research, understand the capacity of what that entails and then apply it and only then can I ask for the right help from the right people.

Take Response-Ability and Take Back Control of Your Life!

You have the power to make today great!