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So many of us take our eyes for granted. 

We enjoy seeing colors in our gardens, and in our home and on our travels.

Do you know that the lights from computer screens can harm your eyes?

If you choose to use a computer or mobile phone, it is good to know there are ways

to assist your eyes to curve the effect the blue light and now discovered green light

effect your eyes. You can have your regular glasses tinted  for the blue light.

You can also purchase a pair of glasses that go over your regular ones. There are two companies that

I recommend, True blue dark glasses, or safety blue glasses. 

Not always the most attractive looking glasses, but your eyes will benefit. IF you are a late night reader online, 

then it is strongly suggested you wear these, as your eyes believe that it is daytime, when looking at your mobile device or computer screen, this may effect your ability to sleep. Something to think about.  

I encourage you to be aware, and continue your own studies on this matter as well.

This is my opinion, based on many articles and research over the past 5 yrs.

Let us know your thoughts on this matter, and any research you come up with.

In wellness for body, mind & soul.