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Laugh, learn & love on doTERRA’s new solutions to reboot your life / wellbeing – especially in support of tummy, stress, anti aging, inflammation, & emotional blocks.  Grab a hot cuppa of joy and join us to hear how you these gifts of the earth will truly support your life long wellbeing! 

While the photo might give away the new product names, let me ask you two questions to contemplate these goodies: 

What’s the number 1 juice craze right now?  Yep, there’s an oil for that to give you all the benefits without the fuss and mess of making / buying the juice. 

Which solution do you think the allopathic medical community asked for as a gamechanger to gut health?  Come find out!!!! 

Register here for either date:

  • Thurs Oct 3rd 7-9pm: Fortino’s (Applebly Line), Burlington
  • Wed Oct 15th 7-9pm: Trafalgar / Dundas, Oakville


My greatest wish is that you live, love and matter beyond your wildest dreams.  If you’re full out stuck or have that little niggling that keeps running through your mind, let’s chat through some strategies to help you.  Book a time to connect here