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August 30 @ 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Many people have trouble with goal setting because it is an attempt to put emotional, personal and wishful ideas into a somewhat static, rational process with binders and forms. The Getting Your Life On A Roll experience is different. It encourages a playful, fun, imaginative process that gets people thinking outside the box.

Getting Your Life On A Roll introduces a simple but powerful concept. This workship is about getting your life on a roll, literally!

This idea was originally developed by Wayne Vanwyck when he was at his cottage for a personal retreat. He wanted a way to take all of the goals, plans and dream lists that sat in binders on a shelf and pull it together in a very visual way.

The result is a fun, interesting and creative process that brings together processes and logical steps needed to acheive those goals. These series of actions will help you make the future come together in the way you hope for.

Participants will be empowered as they put their thoughts on paper and allow themselves the opportunity to get excited. The process encourages them to dig deep to uncover hidden or suppressed wishes and to get creative in finding ways to achieve them. It helps participants to discover and acknowledge roadblocks that may have prevented them from being as successful as they would like in the past and helps to find ways to get over, under or around those issues.

Join us to get your life on a roll and move forward with ideas that will take you where you want to go.

Cost is $299 – includes 1 pre-coaching session + 1 post-coaching session and the 4 hour workshop.

All supplies, including paper roll & markers will be available. Minimum 5 participants.

If you’re interested in further information, please call 519 993 7152 or email me at

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