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The summer heat and vibes are here! Forget the rush-rush busy school mornings, it’s time for relaxing and chillin’ with the children, entertaining with friends & family, or traveling.

Enjoying long lazy days, soaking in the sunshine (and vitamin D) and the beauty of the outdoors—glorious!
There are some things about summer that we could do without though…

● too much sun (there’s an oil for that)
● insects & pests (there’s an oil for that)
● sweltering heat (there’s an oil for that)
● gardening (there’s an oil for that)
● outdoor adventurer over-do (there’s an oil for that)
● sand everywhere! (there’s NO oil for that…sorry!)

Despite the sand overload (how does it get in there?!), we’re still looking forward to it all, because we’re armed with essential oils to take care of those summer bummers.

Come enjoy our Customer VIP event loaded with our essentials oil ideas to keep summer fun all season long:

● Free gift – one roller or spray bottle made at our DIY Make ‘n Take table. Additional rollers or spray bottles can be purchased for $5, with proceeds going to dōTERRA’s Healing Hands Foundation.
● Bring one oil and one issue you don’t know what to do with and we’ll help you out in our fun interactive circle. Earn tickets for our draw by participating!
● Bring a friend, and receive a gift!
● 3 prizes to win including a fabulous Grand Prize!
● Recipes and handouts to be emailed to you after the event

RSVP by July 9th…RSVP by July 5th to get another draw ticket!  

July 11th, 7-9PM Registration opens 6:45PM. Please arrive by 7PM.

Awakening Health
4300 Upper Middle Rd, Unit 3, Burlington
(West of Appleby, south side between Itabashi Way and railway underpass)

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