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The adage “Momma’s gotta put on her oxygen mask first before saving others” is sooooooo true!!!!  We know it yet we don’t do it.  Why? The fast pace plugged in pace of life has us ebbing and flowing at rates our body, mind and spirit can’t keep up with so our energy gets stuck, our minds are overwhelmed, our emotions don’t process and our bodies take the brunt. 

Does this sound like you………

  • Your energy-depleted and irritable, unable to sleep, having trouble staying focused, packing on the pounds / having difficulty optimizing your body weight, and or experiencing other inexplainable health issues so your hormones are likely a mess! 
  • You are one of the 78% of women who are putting their health last so you are aging exponentially faster!
  • You are frustrated that your symptoms are often misdiagnosed or missed by medical professionals so you are living on borrowed time! 
  • You are one of the 231 average Canadians that has toxins found in their blood and or urine so you you are at risk of more physical, emotional and mental health issues! 

If this resonates or you have other female health needs, then it is time to become the CEO of your own health by putting YOU first and taking more responsibility for YOUR own health NOW. 

Rather than relying on highly packed chemical products, quick off the shelf solutions or prescriptions laden with side effects, join a group of lovely women or meet with me one on one  to learn how you can remove all barriers to advocate for yourself and utilize essential oils to support you in:

  • creating a non-toxic home
  • changing your mood / emotions
  • boosting your health
  • getting deep restful sleep
  • reducing cravings / stabilizing blood sugars
  • banishing PMS
  • regaining focus and concentration
  • boosting libido,
  • increasing your energy and
  • harmonizing your hormones! 

Contact me / register here:

Women’s Health and Hormones Workshop

One on one chat with Sandi