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A pivotal question……who do you know that wants more time and financial freedom? 

Builder Info Night: online 9pm, 16 May 

There are so many reasons why I absolutely love doTERRA.  Oh let me count the ways……see below.   THE MOST important is how it aligns to my mission of empowering women to BE their EXTRAORDINARY selves naturally!!!!! When we are living the extraordinary life we have more time and more freedom! 

If you are ready or even a little curious to up-level your life, read the ‘why be curious’ list.  If you choose any of the reasons or have one of your own, join us online for an exciting exploratory session on Building a doTERRA business!  Let our Senior Biz Partner / doTERRA Presidential Diamond Jenny Crawford, show you how she left her corporate world for a VERY rewarding super successful business serving others with natural health solutions and providing time / financial freedom!

Register here so I know you are coming:

Why be curious…….

  • You love serving and empowering others
  • You love community, you want meaning and, have a passion to make a difference in the world
  • Your success is measured with happiness and smiles
  • You love natural living / wellbeing and a holistic approach to health
  • You take full responsibility for your health, time, energy, money and purpose
  • You have that “I know I’m capable of more itch” and you want to explore it now with an opportunity that aligns to your natural gifts and tendencies
  • You know it’s possible, jeez, probable and most definitely inevitable you can make a real impact that matters
  • You hunger for creativity and expressing all that you are
  • You want the freedom to work only if and when you want to work yet have full support from a loving doTERRA community
  • You are ready for abundance and to receive real money in exchange for your time and energy
  • You want to set yourself up for some generous passive income to enjoy when you retire
  • You want to join the heart and integrity of our movement that is increasing wellbeing one drop at a time and making a global impact in developing countries
  • You want to work with a debt free rainmaking essential oil company, doTERRA that is disrupting healthcare with a leading natural product
  • You realize you can design a life of time and financial freedom your way

Ps…if the full on biz is not for you although you love sharing and would like to get your products paid for or, you’d love to speak to me directly about the biz, book at time with me here: