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According to pew records, 64% of American adults own smartphones, and they are using them for various activities such as banking, ordering food, watching movies, reading books, and managing all manner of transportation including ordering Uber transportation. In Canada, every year starting from 2013, there has been an increase in the number of smartphone users in Canada. In 2017, smartphone users in Canada are estimated to reach 22.7 million, and this number is forecasted to exceed 2 billion over the next few years.

        Smartphone usage habits are evolving among Canadians. Smartphones are becoming a key part of everyday life alongside internet access and communication. Canadians are more comfortable with their smartphones in comparison to laptops and desktop computers. Canadians check the weather, sports scores, and social media. They also check their email, look for stock quotes, houses, travel tickets and also conduct online banking.

Even though smartphone marketing is growing and benefiting the customers, it has its downside as well. SMS marketing benefits the mobile advertisers and restaurant industry with their day to day deals that will attract more customers to the area. Drawing out the content for mobile devices such as text, images, and videos is simpler and inexpensive, and the mobile medium makes it easier to issue promotions and market incentive services to the user. People are able to carry virtual information and use it whenever they like. Marketers can get instant feedback which helps them to understand and analyze users’ behaviors. Mobile marketers are able to reach their audiences very easily from different regions in Canada.

Smartphone users are using microblogging platforms like Medium, WordPress, Twitter and Facebook from their mobile phones. This is very convenient to do as long as there is a data or WiFi connection. However, the interface might be confusing to the users and does not have any particular standard as compared to laptops and PCs as mobiles are using different OS and browsers. I own a smartphone where I browse many mobile marketing blog sites particularly mobile marketer and modify.  I know my mobile and content marketing as the blog site offers knowledgeable tips about optimizing your site for mobile. You can get the latest mobile marketing news, conference and advertising. The information in modify offers solutions that make websites adaptive to any device such as mobile, tablets and more.

        Do you think that Mobile marketing is the key to digital marketing? Leave a comment below. Also, check out the article from Upcity about the mobile marketing blogs that can help small business clients.

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