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Virtual reality (VR) is a computer technology that uses the virtual reality headsets that sometimes combines the multi projected environments to generate realistic images, sounds and other sensations. This stimulates a user’s physical presence in a virtual environment. An opportunity for you to look around the artificial world with a high-quality VR that moves with the virtual feature. With VR, you can put yourself in a game that leads to new experience and new innovation. Many positive reactions are created from playing these virtual games, then again it can have the opposite reaction.

VR isn’t a new concept, there’s a platform introduced in the 90s’. Unfortunately, with limited hardware performance, It was too soon and too expensive to become popular in that age. Nowadays, the prevalence of smartphone and the significant improvement of computer graphic processing power are fully able to support the development of VR products and it seems to be returning from the dead. A large number of Start-ups are trying to get into this field attracting enormous investment.

Last year, Facebook acquired Oculus Rift at over 2 billion US dollars valuation. Mark Zuckerburg claims that the immersive 3D content will be the next revolutionary innovation after the invention of videos. Google is also making moves on its own VR strategy in which it invested in a company called Magic Leap. Microsoft is creating the next-generation hardware like HoloLens VR system.

We believe the future VR products are very likely to sprout from the fields where they are suitable in the first place! What does it mean? Certain industries are benefited more from this technology than others in essence like gaming, pornography.

According to Forbes, VR is a growing industry both in creativity and the technology being used to create it. The uptick hit around Christmas last year, when VR headsets became the high tech gift of the year. The most expensive Christmas gift you can give to your loved ones.

VR technology can also be utilized in data visualization, education and entertainment. The computer and cameras are creating the 3D world with speed-rendering capability in high definition without causing spinning sensation. Surprisingly, the accessories of smart phone can turn the phone into a simple VR platform such as Google’s design with the hard paper board which costs only 10 dollars.

 So how does VR evolve in the future and become a necessity? An interesting case would be the superstition with the reality( similar to augmented reality).  In this case, the VR can be integrated to the areas like interior designing, architecture, engineering project, software development. VR is a promising technology. As we inspect the current ecosystem for VR technology, it’s still in the preliminary stage. We believe it will be available for everyone and everywhere 15 years from now. Today’s headsets will be looking like clumsy and sluggish bricks in the future as we see the once popular Nokia phones in 2001. By looking at the history of how smart phones took over the world, the rise of VR will come from incubators of existing tech giants. It’s very exciting to see that the sci-fi turning into reality for all VR scenarios.

We boldly  imagine the possibilities of VR future in the coming years:

•   The VR movies will stimulate the growth of the hollywoods in blockbusters

•   The real estate developers will sale VR-assisted condos( imagining the walls are screens and get you surrounded by any kind of environment you desire)

•   Products that integrated VR and AR

•   Simulated accompanying softwares for social purpose

•   Virtual gym, virtual tourism, virtual LIVE, virtual sports, virtual social media………….

Some of the current issues of VR still need to be overcome to achieve all:

•   New revenue model

•   Killer app/content

•   User-friendly interface

•   Better visual effect

•   Higher integration with AI

•   Battery life

As we quote from The Economist: Virtual reality is a promising technology, but will not go mainstream in its current form. We believe VR will have its iPhone moment somewhere in the future!

What do you think of  VR and what would you like to achieve via this technology? Leave a comment below. Also, check out the article from The Economist

Awaiting its iPhone moment