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A chatbot is a computer program that is commonly known as a chatterbot or interactive agent which conducts a conversation via auditory and textual methods. These programs are designed to act just as humans would behave as a conversational partner used for various practical purposes. If you have a business then a chatbot will offer a great opportunity for your business in the form of innovative solutions. The term chatterbot was originally coined by Michael Mauldin in 1994 who is the creator of first verbot. Verbot is one type of chatbot using the Artificial Intelligence Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Windows platform. Nowadays, chatbots are used for entertainment purposes, for research, even for social purposes in order to promote a product. Chatbots are AI-powered virtual assistants such as Google assistants and they are accessed by many organizations.

Recent developments in the technology are making chatbots very powerful and easy to use which is making them a necessity for many organizations. Many organizations are now setting up agencies that specialize in creating custom-made bots. Nowadays chatbots are created within a matter of minutes without knowledge of coding. Visual interfaces can be used to create complex bots in order to add real value to any company. Artificial intelligence including natural language processing (NLP) is a widespread technology behind chatbots as they are communicating with human beings. Chatbots are virtual assistants that can help carry out tasks and provide information without the help of other human beings, which allows companies to set up customer service bots to help increase productivity within their organization. Chatbots help organizations with complex tasks, such as placing orders, editing shipping details, updating billing information and changing account information.

Many organizations are marketing their chatbots throughout the creation process and many brands are using them in many innovative ways. Chatbots are used by organizations that are in media & entertainment, publishing, health, sports, food, retail and e-commerce, beauty and fashion, financial, utilities and social goods. Facebook has their own messenger bot that is helping many organizations with their movie showtimes, theatre locations, trailer links and sending marketing and financial news to specific stores daily.

Chatbots are helping many startups and contributing to success. What do you think of Chatbot? What are some of the innovative ways that you can think of that are helping the businesses? Leave a comment below. Also, check out the article written by Murray Newlands about starting your own bot agency.