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Human intuition can be the future of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Human intuition is the ability to understand very quickly and it can lead to having the greatest mind possible. We know that Steve Jobs was arguably the greatest marketing mind ever. His marketing skills were phenomenal. He didn’t care what the customers wanted; he created what he wanted them to have, and they were amazed by the products.  We know that big data and technology are revolutionizing marketing. According to VentureBeats, there was a recent report that marketing technology companies attracted $50 billion in investment. Venture capitalists, technologists, and marketers are talking about artificial intelligence, big data and how everything from systems to objects is getting smarter. There are many devices that are communicating with humans such as Google Home, Alexa, and Siri. Human intuition is the reason why objects are being gathered and software is being developed to make decisions, and as a result, many businesses are evolving.

 Everybody in business today is struggling with data especially the marketers because there has been an enormous shift in the amount and quality of data we work with. More importantly, technology is super-fast and also super-smart. Computers are able to learn and recognize human brain patterns and they can outperform humans in things like legal discovery, making medical diagnoses and even creative work like music and arts.  This could lead to the rise of the robots.

Many people and even corporations are struggling to keep up with the changes in software. Many assume that the rise in robots will replace many jobs, which can lead to an increase in the unemployment rate. This is not true because many jobs will be created around operating robots. Individuals can start learning to code now so that in the future, managers can devote less time teaching them computer programs and devote more time to teaching them sales techniques. Humans can perform sales techniques and customer service better than machines. Even though the software does the heavy lifting to compile reports and store data, human intuition can help us to provide real insights and analysis.

Human Intuition will have an effect on education and society. Employees can be more productive and the new generation of workers will be entrepreneurs. What do you think of Human Intuition? Do you think human intuition will be the future of innovation and entrepreneurship? Leave a comment below.  Also, check out the article written by Sarah Austin about Human Intuition.