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Did you know that Virtual reality (VR) is taking over the real world for the last 5 years in a prominent place?

You can find VR in video games, movies and now in product and services. Pokemon Go is the VR game that took the world with storm last year. Some companies such as Apple and Samsung is connecting their VR-gaming headsets to your phone as they are working on the VR features on their phones. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants his users to play VR games which is why Facebook acquired Oculus Rift for $200 million.

Many companies such as Google, Facebook, Red Bull and Samsung are investing billion dollars on virtual reality that can affect the digital marketing in the future.  There are amazing videos by certain companies about their product, which gets many people to watch it. After the growth of Virtual Reality, as you start watching these videos, it’s not going to be as if you are watching a youTube clip. You are going to experience the same thing as someone in the video jumping from outer space. This is a way companies want to integrate virtual reality with marketing.

On a flip side, if you think about e-commerce there are products, you can see these products virtually and you can try them on. You are able to feel and touch them but it won’t be the same sensation in real life. Some of these feelings will come through the web and there will be further improvement in the VR technology as a result more enhanced VR app. VR technologies will transform the real-life experience and show it to you online such as experiencing rock-climbing when you are at home.

VR Marketing is transforming ‘storytelling’ to ‘storyliving’ which will be the future of marketing communications. What do you think of VR Marketing? What are some of the ways VR Marketing can affect the digital marketing today? Leave a comment below. Also, check out the article written by Neil Patel about how VR will impact the future of marketing.