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Being in business for yourself is both daunting and exhilarating.  It is daunting, in large measure, because you are in a learning stage where you don’t know what you don’t know.  Your self-talk is often “I’ve never done this before and I’m unsure how to proceed”.  
The exhilaration comes from overcoming the challenges that you encounter and moving towards the goals that you’ve set for yourself.
Here are three suggestions to move your mindset from “it’s daunting” to “it’s do-able”.
1. Fear of failure or the fear of making a mistake is often a large impediment to taking action.  If that’s the case, define the series of small actions that you can take that will lead you towards your desired outcome.  Ask yourself “what is the worst outcome that will result from my next step?”.  Chances are that the worst outcome isn’t very significant.  Take the plunge.  Take that first step and then evaluate.  What did you learn?  Are you ready for the next step?  Do you need to revise the plan?  Don’t wait for everything to be “just right” before you act.
2. Manage your time wisely.  You can spend time on activities that fall into one of four categories and in order of importance they are:
– urgent and important
– important
– urgent but not important
– neither urgent nor important
 Carve out time in your weekly calendar where you will work on the first two categories on the list. Look for opportunities to delegate the third category and don’t waste your time on the final category.
3. Coach yourself to ask “what would YES look like?”.  Often your past experience and learning can limit your ability to recognize new opportunities.  As your business acumen grows, your learning will enter a phase known as conscious competence.  In other words, you will be knowledgeable about those in which you have competence. However, this learning state might cause you to say NO to things that don’t fit your past experience.  Before you commit to NO, explore what YES might represent.  You might be surprised by the new insights that occur to you.
The act of being an entrepreneur certainly presents challenges that can seem very daunting.  However, if you take a deep breath, relax and implement the above three suggestions, your way forward will become more do-able.