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We are so excited about our new spring fashions.  Come on down to the boutique Monday to Friday from 10 – 6 pm and see all the beautiful new colours and styles that are available.  Our Saturday hours are 10 – 5 pm and we are closed on Sundays!

We have a healthy array of summer pants, capris, and our shorts will be arriving soon. With 60 different styles in dresses to choose from, we are sure we can help you find that perfect one for whichever event you are going to this summer.


Summer tops and tunics, bamboo Capri leggings and scarves to finish any outfit! 


New to the boutique are the most amazing Anuschka handbags and purses.  


Anuschka™ is a premium brand of hand-painted accessories. And yet, each Anuschka creation is so much more than merely an accessory. It is a story.

Each Anuschka accessory is unique. It is rich in design, form, and possibilities. Fiery bursts of tropical carnations bring hot summer gardens to life in a hand-painted hobo. The pulsating luminosity of a tribal sunset on an elegant clutch. Regal peacocks in a feathered bloom of colors.

We also have 8 different styles of sandals to choose from.  JJ’s footwear offers a memory foam base that provides a certain kind of comfort that you may have not experienced before. 

Come on in to try these fashions so you can walk out feeling fantastic about your newest freshest look!