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Can you honestly say that you’re living your dreams? Is your current reality congruent with who you are designed to be?

Reaching for the stars is hard. We let our fear of making changes and standing out hold us back. In the video above, Lisa Nichols challenges us to step into our purpose regardless.

Lisa Nichols On How To Step Into Your Purpose

About The Video

By thinking like an abundant person, you can make great strides in achieving what you truly desire.

But how can you think yourself abundant when your current reality is so different from that which you aspire?

In this 40-minute talk from Mindvalley A-Fest Costa Rica 2015, founder of Motivating the Masses, Inc, Lisa Nichols, disrupts our ideas of abundance and challenges us to be who we were designed to be.

The Best Highlights

Lisa uses her personal journey from poverty to self-made millionaire to share her insights on achieving abundance and how you too can step into your purpose.  She shares in this video:

  • (17:24) — How to create micro wins to get to macro wins and how to celebrate the micro wins;
  • (19:10) — The wisdom of failing and failing forward;
  • (21:15) — The power of “I am” in getting through to your subconscious mind;
  • (24:21) — The power of cognitive dissonance, a form of mental disruption where you think about yourself in a way that doesn’t match your current behavior.

But this is more than just a lecture.

At 31:26 she joins the live audience on the floor to ask a series of challenging questions to disrupt their sense of comfort in their current state and inspire them to take risks to change.

Watch the full talk to learn how to be the best version of yourself by thinking like an abundant person.