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Did you know………..

  • 2.6 million Canadians suffer from mood/anxiety and brain health issues including brain fog, SAD, depression
  • Sleep disorders affect 40% of Canadians
  • Each year in Canada seasonal illness creates 12,200 hospitalizations and 3,500 deaths
  • Children miss an average of 5 days off school per year due to common colds / flu – parents generally miss that time off too

Now imagine more ease, less toxins, less side effects and improved health daily with safe effective affordable natural solutions in your lifestyle and wellbeing?  Let us show you how to create your 24 hour 7 days a week all natural medicine cabinet with doTERRA essential oils to support you in:

  • Managing brain health, stress, anxiety and depression, especially seasonal
  • Conquering sleep issues 
  • Boosting your immune system and reducing the number of colds / flus and
  • More!

Join us Monday January 28th with a cuppa hot goodness, an open heart and mind to capture all the wisdom of our Team’s expert leaders as they address:  

  1. Combatting Cold / Flus –  11:00am EST with Rachel Sirota
  2. Keeping Kids Healthy – 1:30pm EST with Dani Smith
  3. New Year, New Your – 4:00pm EST with Terese Hamilton
  4. Beat the Winter Blues – 6:30pm EST with Leanne Giovanni-Poirier
  5. Supporting Diabetes – 9:00pm EST with Tiffany Trimming 

The World Health Organization estimates 65-80% of the population is using natural medicine! What are you waiting for? 

Contact me 5:00pm EST on Sunday January 27th to register for this free event. I will send you an invite to the facebook group where you can watch one or all of the live sessions/recordings.  Special enrollment incentives for this event/day only.  

Hope to see you online Monday!

Until then,

Be well