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Does the thought of having to discuss death with your child leave you scared or confused? Or maybe even just uncomfortable?

If not, you’re in a minority.

For most of us, we have been taught to avoid negative emotions, and that leads to us not having great strategies for communicating about negative experiences and feelings. This lack of appropriate tools and strategies means we avoid, and then when we can’t avoid any longer, we are driven to “fix” the problem of negative emotions by denying them or minimizing them.

But denying or minimizing a child’s emotions tells them that their feelings are wrong, and also that you’re not a safe person to talk to about their sad feelings. Eventually a child learns to deny, minimize, and avoid, and then THEY also don’t know how to effectively talk about negative emotions any longer.

So, three simple (but not easy) things to do when you are talking to your children about death…

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