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As I reflect on the amazing support I received at the Grand Opening on September 16th, 2017,  I can not thank you enough, I will never be able to properly express my gratitude to all of you because it is simply overwhelming to think that so many beautiful women got my back the way you all do!  I also began to realize that many new amazing women were there and so although some of you know how I started, not all of you do, so I thought I would quickly share how I got to be the owner of an amazing little boutique on the North end of Guelph!

Two years ago I was presented with an opportunity.  My cousin, Angelica Carter was a stylist with a fashion direct sales company called Ava Gray and offered me a chance at starting my own business in fashion!  I decided to take the plunge, not knowing the roller coaster ride that was set in place at that moment in time.  Ava Gray developed designs that were suitable for women ages 30 – 65ish and their claim was, “all day comfort and style”….well, I liked being comfortable and style was an added bonus so I was hooked.  Sadly, due to the integrity of the company owner, her desire to only support American businesses and not take her production outside of her country and the U.S. dollar exchange, the cost of the clothing was high and so it made it difficult to sell at home parties.  The company was not growing at a rate that could sustain all it needed to sustain and so they sold/partnered with a company called TuVous!  Tuvous primarily sold accessories and I have to admit I was not too excited about selling accessories alone, but the management convinced us they were offering a clothing line in the new year.  That never happened, and TuVous shut their doors not 3 months after Ava Gray merged with them.  I was at a loss, but not for long.  I allowed myself a weekend of tears and frustration but quickly decided to stop building up other brands and to continue providing amazing clothing to women who need it at the best prices that I could offer.  I did this from my home for about 6 months and soon realized that my growing clientele needed more options and the space in my house was not going to cut it…..and thus, Yolanda’s Fashion Boutique had to be the next step!  So many people followed my journey on social media.  I received so much positive support it was virtually impossible to not move forward with the plan and so as mentioned earlier, on September 16th, 2017 the doors to my quaint little boutique opened and I am so thankful and excited to be here to help you in whatever way that I can!  Please feel free to contact me at or 519-341-5560 to book an appointment or drop by at 5471 On-6, Guelph, Ontario and let me show you where comfort and style meet! 

Please find information from both myself and other trusted professionals in my network below. I hope you will find it enjoyable!