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On day 12 post stroke with my brother he had already started doing movements that made it feel more comfortable for him to sit in the wheelchair all day, so we turned that into a movement lesson. (I had given him lessons the week before as well)

I was using the pelvis as 6 and 12 o’clock. 6 o’clock being the pelvic bone and 12 o’clock the belly button and rocking back and forth between the two.
I also add 3 and 9 o’clock to get the pelvis moving in a way that the pelvis works when you are walking. The pelvis moves in a figure eight movement natural when we are walking with ease and grace, so adding this to him sitting in the chair made perfect sense.

For him at this time his left arm and left leg are not wired in his brain so getting these connections help rewire the brain in a positive way a little quicker.

We also added doing a pelvic clock, one way and than the other way. I added having his hands on one leg then switch them to the other leg. This adds counter lateral movement which creates even more new neuro connections.
This is one of the Nine Essentials created by Anat Baniel called variation which is a great way to communicate with the brain and create more neuro connections.

A positive mental attitude and family support is also very important for recovery as well as the severity of the stroke. I am feeling blessed that my brother is looking forward to recovery and getting home. This is important.

For more information of how movement will help with stroke, please respond to the video or email me at

I have many lessons that will start the process of recovery and get the person moving forward. Early detection and action is required as well as respecting the other person!

Karen Toth