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Do you find yourself resisting sales and marketing at times? Or all the time? The impact of feeling resistant can be subtle. If you don’t like marketing or selling, don’t feel like you should have to do it, or just plain don’t want to do it, those activities often slide lower on your to-do list without you consciously noticing. You may tell yourself you are too busy, decide other tasks are more important, or conveniently avoid looking at your to-do list until the day is over. The result is that your marketing doesn’t get done. But most of the time, repeatedly avoiding what is difficult is much harder than facing it head on and doing it. Every time you think of your neglected marketing plan or sales calls, you beat yourself up for your poor performance, or experience the pain of imagined rejection. You may not even be able to enjoy your time away from work, because those crucial incomplete tasks are always hanging over your head.

Source: Marketing: Five Steps to Replace Your Resistance with Persistence