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True or false: As the world we experience becomes increasingly digitized, print is a dying medium that
is no longer relevant.

If you said false, you’re on to something. A whopping 79% of households say they read direct mail ads. Experts argue that the world of print magazines is going strong. Financial Times is quoted as finding that only 29% of consumers believe the Internet meets all their information needs. Though not a traditional advertising medium, print books are still preferred over e-readers by most Americans. And from our own experience, there are a lot of reasons that print is far from dying.

Print makes a statement. It appeals to people at a tactile level and says, “this is important enough to put on paper.” There’s just something credible about tangible text that can’t be replicated digitally.

And digital, with all its benefits of accessibility and interaction, also has its drawbacks. Think about the last time you went online for something specific. How many distractions met you? How many rabbit trails of instant messages and sidebar ads and social notifications did you follow before, after and during the search for your original item? Wait — do you remember why you went online in the first place?

While advertisers have to go where the consumers are, consumers aren’t only to be found in the digital space. In fact, the DMR article linked above says that 39% of customers say they try a business for the first time because of a direct mail ad.

This slideshare nicely summarizes the pros and cons of print versus digital media. We especially appreciate how it demonstrates that the two, so often pitted against each other, can and should complement one another in a comprehensive ad campaign. Digital media can offer in-depth information that may not fit on a physical ad, but the printed word carries a persuasive weight that the online environment often lacks. Consumers are looking for both.

Our conclusion?
Print still matters in the digital age — maybe more than ever.

Using print and digital as complementary advertising tactics is a smart strategy that will maximize your ROI, and here at GO2, we’re experts in both. Your campaigns will benefit from the continuity and precision of a one-agency solution, as we build campaigns that move seamlessly between print and digital media. Contact us today!