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Have you ever felt that you were capable of more and yet regardless of how hard you tried to attempt something new, felt incredibly stuck?  Perhaps you made some progress and yet encountered a frustrating obstacle.  At my company, we believe in human potential.  We believe that although motivation is helpful, every person is capable of living into more and with the right tools, and guidance system, they can accomplish more than they ever dreamed. Imagine that your limiting beliefs are like screaming toddlers who, if they do not get their own way, make every effort to make their presence known.  These beliefs can be so prolific that they hold us back from achieving not only what we want, things that are actually good for us.  These beliefs often come from experiences in early childhood where we either witness, or become immersed into an occurrence from which we create perceptions based on our maturity.  These perceptions become beliefs and these beliefs either propel us forward or hold

Source: Are Your Beliefs Holding You Back? | Work Life Balance