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“Changes help to create powerful new insights and cognitions that enhance your business practices.”  Karen Toth

While taking my business to a new market, it was extremely amazing to see the results work with an entrepreneur.

It was very helpful that Lisa Reaume came to me as an enthusiastic, open and ready person.  She complained of upper back pain.  Pain is a consistent firing in the brain, making doing her business “very hard”.  With this noise of pain running in the background of Lisa’s brain, the focus on her business suffered.

What you do one way, is the way you do everything!

Lisa described the lesson as feeling the connection (or flow) through her body, much like water being blocked by a beaver dam or a canal.  “If you are not flowing well, you will not be able to do the work, inside or outside”.

We often say “I’m stopping myself, I know what I should be doing, why am I not doing it?”  Some entrepreneurs don’t take the time to look for practitioners like me to open up the doors and unblock the “flow”.  Entrepreneurs don’t like asking for help and feel they should be doing it all by themselves, and then spiral into not doing anything at all.

It is important to open ourselves up to the flow of energy, of the universe and the earth, inside and outside for new ideas to make our tasks easy and effortless.  I asked Lisa to share if she had any ideas “pop” into her mind as I was moving her  body and opening up the “flow”.  She was surprised when she got sudden clarity that her business doesn’t need to be “hard” to reach success.  It can be easy and effortless, if it “flows”… just like the movement I created in her body actually gave a new “flow” to her clarity!  Business can be effortless. Tasks like follow up phone calls and meetings with clients can became much easier and more pleasurable if we take away the “have to” and the “hard”, letting her live with more energy and vitality.

As we did the movement lesson, the beaver dam opened facilitating her to think better, feel better and be able to create forward motion in her business and personal life.  Her brain and body were connected, quieting any programs of pain, enabled Lisa to be more confident, which always creates more focus and better overall results in any business.

Lisa especially enjoyed my shared story of how the “success cycle” can change the rules so that you “win”!  It is easy to start and complete a success cycle.  Lisa wanted to create a new habit of walking 30 minutes a day, but shared that she had pain in her foot, therefore walking might be difficult.  Plus Lisa was concerned about whether she could enjoy walking alone.  So I gave her two suggestions on how to change the way she was thinking:

  1. Walk for 5 minutes a day and build it up gradually – immediate success draws more success – creating “the success cycle”.
  2. Listen to her self-improvement and motivational tapes while walking, so that she can get both her listening and walking done at the same time (which satisfied her need to be productive at all times!).

She now does both and still enjoys sometimes walking with friends and family.

To recap, sore back caused Lisa’s work to be “hard”.

When she was pain free her work became “easy and a joy”.

When she set her goals to be easy for her to “win”, life became more pleasurable! Then work and life flow was easy with more joy, better creative thoughts, and she feels better too!

By eliminating the “noise” in your brain, your business will flow better to create more success!