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As a golfer, have you ever really noticed how you swing your club?

Which part of your body moves, such as weight transfer over feet and ankles, knees bending, thighs moving, pelvis moving, using your lower back, your tail bone and the rest of your spine, your sternum, shoulders, arms and finally neck, head and eyes.

I was working with Connie a golf trainer that loves the game herself.   I got her to pretend she was swinging the club before the lesson.

Some concerns I discovered while doing the lesson is she had a left shoulder that did not want to move.  She told me that she was attached on that side a number of years earlier and found she had pain there from time to time.   We were able to release that pain, causing her shoulder and arm to move freely.

Her ankles were tight, while getting her ankles moving more freely brought more awareness of her pelvis, which to me includes the low back and abdominal muscles. When her pelvis started moving she became aware of more power to her swing.  The connection from head to toe also brought her tail bone, the full spectrum of her spine and sternum into the picture of herself in motion.

When we were finished the lesson, she walked better.   Connie than did the golf swing, like at the beginning of the lesson.  The difference for her was incredible.   She felt her tail bone.  I had asked her to swing the way she did in the beginning and she didn’t want to go back to that way of swinging, she enjoyed using more of herself and the ease of the golf swing.

Imagine all this happened in 1 – 30 minute session.  Could you imagine how this would improve your game, and could you imagine doing this weekly for the month of April.   You would be so ready to be on the course, breaking all your records and achieving your personal best!

Karen Toth