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You might be wondering why so many small businesses are moving their bookkeeping to the Cloud? Why change a system that has been working fine for so many years? If it’s not broke why are we fixing it?

What you need to consider is what will your small business be missing out on if you don’t make the move. Where could your business go if you do?


Some of the benefits of moving to the cloud are cost, efficiency and the ability to integrate many apps with your bookkeeping process so that you can expand and do so much more with your business. These businesses are not limited to your bookkeeping either but that’s a topic for another day.

Collaboration with you bookkeeping and accounting professionals is what we see has the largest benefit. The traditional method of bookkeeping has you dropping off all your income and expense documents monthly, quarterly or even annually. It takes time for your bookkeeper to then input all that data and give you the reports on how the business is doing. By the time this process is completed it is already outdated. You have gone on with everyday tasks and your business financial state has continued to change.

Being on the cloud can change this so that you know the state of your business daily and can adjust your plans and projects on an updated financial statement. Imagine being able to pull the financial information you need for a meeting at the bank in only a matter of minutes rather than days or weeks.

As a professional it is my job to help you streamline your accounting process so that you can spend more time working on your small business and less time worrying over the numbers. Using apps that integrate with your bookkeeping software you can send your income and expenses as they happen. We can process weekly or even daily and your accounts are never out of date. If there is a question about something we can ask while it is still fresh in your mind instead of having you try to recall transactions that are months old. As well we can provide tools for forecasting and budgeting so you can better manage your business decisions.

We want to be your trusted advisor!

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