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All of us offer some products or services. Every day when we go out to work or run a business, we are doing something for the benefit of those who hire us, whether they are clients or our employers.

As Professional Service Providers we are not only paid for the products which we offer, we are paid for the experience which we create for our clients.
So it’s important that we identify our Key Value Proposition. Have you identified your unique value proposition? In other words, ask yourself, why should someone hire you and your services out of all the other choices out there?

It’s also important that your value proposition gels with your personality and is crisp and clear. If it doesn’t gel with your personality, it won’t come from your heart. If it doesn’t come from your heart, your clients can see it.
That is why we strongly recommend that Professional Service Providers should identify the key focus area of their services and align their value proposition around it.
When you come across as a jack of all trades, your clients see you as master of none.
Instead, try coming across as Master of your key trade and use your strategic alliances to fulfill other areas of services which your clients need.