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“Another iGotPro Moment”
A father and son were trying hard to get a calf into their barn. Both of them were pushing hard, but the calf wouldn’t move. A little girl asked if she could help. The two looked at each other in amusement, but thought “Why not see what she can do?”
The little girl put her small finger in the calf’s mouth and the calf started sucking on it. She then kept pulling her finger out while the calf followed the finger. In no time at all, the calf was back in the barn.
Moral of the story: Think outside the box. Often we try to push ourselves on our clients and network partners. If we start off by giving them what they want, we can draw them towards us quite easily.
If you are trying to grow your network and client base, consider “The Power of Giving”.
Our research and experience shows that by carrying the attitude of helping others and looking out for others first, you will attract the right people and the right opportunities.
Whenever we see that happening, we call it an “iGotPro Moment”.
So start collecting your iGotPro Moments and watch how they turn into your goldmines.