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Here is a great example of sharing information, especially if you don’t consider yourself as “the best writer ever!”  C.J. Hayden is one of Lisa Reaume’s absolute favourite marketing coaches and author of “Get Clients Now TM” program, of which Lisa is a certified licensed Facilitator and Coach.

“Relationship marketing.” “Get business by word of mouth.” “People like to do business with people they know, like, and trust.” You’ve heard these adages many times before. But what does it really mean to build relationships with people in order to sell them something? Does it work to make personal connections with a hidden agenda? How do you go about creating relationships for marketing purposes without feeling sleazy? Here are seven tips for building marketing relationships you can feel good about. 1. Start with the best audience. When you choose the right target market for your business, relationship-building becomes an enjoyable process. Your ideal clients and referral sources are people you already enjoy spending time with.

Source: Seven Ways to Build Marketing Relationships