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How to GROW Your Database, offering more to your
Professional Partners | Strategic Alliances |
Collaborative Reciprocity Team (CRT) Members
First, you are clear about the top one or two services you provide.
Next, you are clear about the top one or two ideal client profiles, which bring you the most business.
You have picked out your top six (6) professionals to be on your CRT. Remember, your CRT members should add value to your clients.
But how do you continuously increase your contact list… here are a few ideas:
  • Set a goal, on a DAILY Basis, to increase  your connections through LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter (for starters, work on one at a time, especially if this is a new habit for you).  A good goal is to reach out to 5 new connections a day on each of your active social media platforms.
  • Use Social Media to drive people to your website, preferably an opt in page for readers to follow your monthly updates and helpful information in your industry and those related to your field.
  • Create a FREE offering for your OPT-IN page on your website.
  • If you are part of a bigger umbrella company, you may wish to create a simple website that features YOU, as a professional in your field… and mention what your unique proposition is in your industry.
  • Invite your contacts to share your regular communications through email and social media.
  • If you believe you have something good to offer, then don’t hesitate in asking your clients to spread the love.