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Once you are crystal clear as to the top one or two services you provide, the top one or two ideal clients are your lowest hanging fruit… then it is time to figure who you wish to align with.
We recommend that you choose six (6) professionals on the following criteria:

  1. Do you trust them, and do their values align with yours? Do their business ethics match yours?
  2. Are they trustworthy experts in their professional field… Do they demonstrate Knowledge, Honesty, Integrity, Consistency?
  3. Do they serve your ideal target market? This could be based on clients’ profile, geographic and demographic areas?
  4. Do they offer services that would complement your services, without causing conflict of interest?  Most importantly, their services should be of value to your clients.
  5. Do they have a strong outreach? Do they have enough of a following? We recommend that they should have at least a minimum of 150 connections | clients in their CASL approved trusted lists.
  6. Do they have a refer-ability mind-set? How close are they to you? Would they promote you to their connections?