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If you are running a business, you have clients. These clients are those who placed trust in your products and services. Since you have worked hard to win their trust, you want to keep building on it. Don’t let this relationship dwindle. A lot of times, Professionals ignore the clients after they bought their services. After all, they think that their clients don’t need them anytime soon and perhaps they won’t be ready to purchase their services in the near future. What you may not understand is that these clients are your goldmines. They have placed their trust with you. Trust is the hardest thing to earn and easy to lose if not preserved.
Therefore, it is important that you keep the relationship strong and continued with your clients. Think of yourself as the Chieftain of your clients. As their trusted professional, you strive to be the person who comes to their mind whenever they are looking for professional information. For that, you need to maintain a strong alliance with other trusted professionals who offer complementary and extended services to what you offer. We call them your CRTs (Collaborative Reciprocity Teams).
Your CRTs should be picked based on the following matrix… Look at the professionals in your network.  Do they fit this matrix?
Consistency: Are they truly professional and serious about their profession? If you were looking for the services they offer and you were in your client’s situation, would you have hired them?
Honesty: Are they above board in whatever they do and offer?
Trust: Can they be trusted with sensitive and confidential information?
Collaboration: Do they also believe in collaboration for the best interest of their clients?

If the answers to these questions is a resounding YES, then you have found your potential professional partners for the benefit of your clients.
By building strong relationships with these professionals, you will enhance your image with your clients and be truly seen as their Chieftains.
At iGotPro, we nurture this culture amongst our members. If you believe in these values, then iGotPro is the perfect platform for you.
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