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You may have heard the popular phrase “Some business salespeople are farmers and some are hunters”. Some like to plant many seeds among prospects, water them, nurture them, and help them grow. Some people are hunters, scouting for prospects and pursuing people who could become customers.

For most businesses, it is not an either-or scenario all the time. Depending on your business and your business stage, you may have to switch roles between being a hunter and a farmer. In the long run though, if you learn to be a farmer and continue to nurture your relationships with your clients and your business alliances, you could have a successful and thriving business which generates predictable revenues.

So, whether you plan to hunt for new clients or wish to farm your relationships in 2017, you will need proper planning and tools to be successful.

Here’s five things you should do differently in 2017 to make a difference in your business.


  1. Plan your year: Let’s face it. We may never be able to predict what the future holds for us. However, if we aim for “nothing”, we will hit “it”.

So it’s better that we plan and aim for something worthwhile. In 2016, iGotPro team had set out goals for the year. We pushed ourselves in a totally unchartered terrain. Despite our immense efforts, we couldn’t quite achieve what we had planned. However, we ended up achieving our financial goals albeit in a different way than what we had thought. This experience proves that while we cannot predict how our goals and plans will come to fruition, planning and rigorous pursuit will help us in getting to a better place. The key is to draw a map based on where you stand today and start working towards it. Keep adjusting your plans as the story unfolds.

So, ask yourself, what will be your story for 2017?


  1. Invest in your business: Your business is your baby. You cannot treat it like a cash-cow and hope to keep milking it without feeding it. What you put in is what will come out.

Make a list of all the Assets and Liabilities you have in your business.

Your Business Net Worth = Assets-Liabilities

There’s 2 ways to increase the Net Worth of your business, you can either increase your Assets or decrease your Liabilities.

Before you are tempted to cut corners, ask yourself whether you are expanding or you are winding up?

If you wish to expand, then focus on Increasing the Top Line (Assets) while reducing the Bottom Line (Liabilities). This means spending money and time on activities which will result in increased business opportunities and reduce the time and money spent on non-productive activities.


  1. Nurture your Business Relationships: Your business relationships are the seeds you have planted. You cannot expect the seeds to flourish on their own and deliver the fruits to you. You need to nurture these relationships if you wish to reap the fruits. Don’t expect the results to show overnight. Keep making deposits into these relationships and one day they will start paying you back.
  2. Be responsible and accountable to your clients and Network Partners:

This is a no brainer. But you see, common sense is not so common. There’s a common phrase:

One in hand is better than two in the bush.

A lot of times we get distracted by new shining lights while ignoring what we already have in our control to service. While it is important to continue to strive for new business opportunities, ensure that you don’t ignore those who have trusted you already and given you the opportunity to service them.

Make sure that you give them world class experiences and your clients will become your ambassadors.

  1. Respect your business/respect yourself.

In conclusion, all of the above need your passion and commitment. You only have one life. So choose to do what you love and once you choose it, then choose to love what you do.

Remember, all of us have 365 days this year. The only thing which will determine how we fared at end of the year is what we do with them.

Wishing you the best for 2017!