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What is mortgage protection insurance?


If you’re buying a home, there’s a lot to think about. As you begin making choices from finding the best mortgage rates to choosing your colour scheme, it’s good to know you also have choices when it comes to protecting your mortgage and your family’s finances from the unexpected.

While you know you’ll need insurance, it’s important to understand the different types of coverage and the different kinds of policies.


Homeowner’s insurance is not the same as mortgage insurance


  • Homeowner’s insurance, also known as property or home insurance, helps protect your home from physical threats like fire, water damage, accidents, and loss of property from theft. It’s required when you have a mortgage.
  • Mortgage protection insurancehelps cover your mortgage payments if you become seriously ill or die unexpectedly. It’s a smart way to secure your future.



Types of mortgage protection insurance:


Choosing both term life insurance and critical illness insurance together gives you and your family the right protection when you need it most.


Critical illness insurance

  • If you become seriously ill, you’ll receive a lump-sum payment to spend as you choose, on things like medical expenses and mortgage payments so you can focus on recovery.


Term life insurance

  • Gives you affordable, flexible protection that your loved ones could use to pay off your mortgage or cover other expenses if you die unexpectedly.


Do you really need mortgage protection insurance?

A mortgage is a long-term obligation to pay back the money you’ve borrowed – and a lot of things can happen over the years. Whether you’re single, married or living common law, and whether you’re with or without children, it’s important to protect yourself and the ones you love.


Are you buying a bigger home for your growing family?


How term life insurance helps

  • Term life insurance can help you protect your family’s finances.
  • Your beneficiary can use the coverage to pay the balance of your mortgage, or put it towards your children’s education.
  • Some term life insurance plans give you the option to cover your children, too, protecting their future insurability.

How critical illness insurance helps

  • Critical illness insurance is available for you, your spouse and your children.
  • If one of you becomes seriously ill, the insurance benefit could help replace any lost wages when you take time off work to recover or to help your spouse or child get better.
  • The insurance benefit comes directly to you so you’ll be able to use it for other expenses and not just your mortgage payments.

How, together, both types of insurance help

Building a plan that that includes both term life insurance and critical illness insurance means your family has the best possible protection against the significant impact of unexpected illness or death.