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Have you ever been out of the office and not been able to get back to a client that called earlier in the day? Perhaps due to your travel commitment? Or maybe you were just apprehensive to giving out your mobile number?

As a business professional, maintaining open and effective communication with your clients could impact the integrity of your relationships and even business brand overall.

Regardless of the size of your business or the vertical of your services, being able to address inquiries or requests in a timely manner is integral. The culture of business today relies heavily on technology methods that are automated; but if we put ourselves in the shoes of a client, there may be times they just want to speak to a live person or get an answer to their question immediately, rather than having to wait for a follow up to their call or voicemail message.

The term “Find me Follow me” is coined by NEWT as the ability for a call to be redirected to an alternate phone number (Residential, Business, and mobile, toll free or international)

This allows clients to reach an individual by dialing into a local business number that can be seamlessly redirected to alternate number. This also protects the confidentiality of giving out alternate access numbers of your team members or business lines.

This feature can be implemented in various ways and in specific departments depending on the nature of your business. For your staff, “Find me Follow me” is effective in connecting team members who are often out of the office on a regular basis.  It is ideal for staff who may not have a physical handset in the office.

For your clients, “Find me Follow me” creates a seamless experience when they call into your office to connect with your team, regardless of where your staff are situated. This feature is also customizable to a schedule.  As such, “Find me Follow me” can give callers access to your business only during certain hours.

To learn more about this feature visit to access a library of videos that will demonstrate how to program this “Find me Follow me” to any phone number or individual extension.

You can also register for a FREE online training session with a NEWT trainer who would be happy to help you integrate this “Find me Follow me” into your business communications.