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The pace of the world has changed immensely through technology including the methods used to communicate. Various technology solutions deliver faster and more effective ways to collaborate and connect. Not only in our personal lives but in business as well. Rarely do we go to our mailboxes expecting hand written letters from friends & family members from out of town. Now, we not only rely on phone communication that has become so much more affordable for long distance calling, we use texting, Skype, social media apps and email to connect with our loved ones.

This is also true in business, we no longer have to rely on the “Snail Mail” to deliver invoices or generate visibility to our business. You can own a business in Canada and have clients from all around the world as part of your client portfolio.  Depending on the nature of your business you can even provide services overseas without additional costs or challenges due to the growth in technology to do business in a virtual context without losing the impact of your business brand offering.

NEWT offers a similar type of technology feature with its Partially-Hosted PBX Business phone solution. The “Voicemail to Email” feature offers an effective and convenient way to stay connected to clients and business colleagues.

How the feature works is simple. Whenever a voicemail message is delivered to an extension on the NEWT system, whether it be a handset extension or a virtual extension that sits in the network cloud, an email notification is sent to the user at the email address of their choice.
The Fibernetics server will send an email notification stating the name of the caller, the time they called, their phone number (If available and not blocked) and the length of the message sent. Included in the email will be an audible .WAV file attachment. The user simply opens the attachment and the message will play on any device that allows audible file functionality – Smart phones, tablets and laptops.

This is NOT a conversion of the voicemail message to a TEXT message; that method tends to encompass ambiguity when translated. The NEWT solution provides you with the convenience of being able to listen to the message from your email, rather than having to dial into the voicemail system, which is not always convenient.  What’s good is that the message still remains on your desk phone like traditional voicemail. This way makes it easier to respond faster or forward the email to another recipient, who could take action or respond on your behalf.

If you’re interested in learning more about this feature visit to access a library of videos that will demonstrate how to enable this feature on an extension OR register for a free online drop in training session with a NEWT trainer that would be happy to integrate this feature into your business communications.

Of course you can always contact me and I will be glad to assist you.